Our Facility
Treatment Rooms

Each treatment room in our new facility was
designed to emphasize patient safety, privacy and
comfort. Besides increased privacy, we recognize
that other benefits to not having wards or
semiprivate rooms include less risk of acquiring
an infection from another patient and no risk of
getting an incompatible roommate.
Each of our single private rooms is equipped with
one dialysis station, phone, Cable, Music and
internet access.
Patients can obtain the medical care they need in
a safe, relaxing atmosphere.

The state-of-the-art dialysis machines
available at our Kidney Kare Inc center offer
numerous technologically advanced features
to help patients receive the most effective
dialysis treatment.

At Kidney Kare inc, we strive to bring our
patients current technology and state of the art
equipment, and more importantly, highly trained
professionals that care. Quality people mean
quality care and we believe our registered
nurses, patient care technicians, social workers
and dieticians on our staff, are some of the best in
the field. We think you'll find our staff has the
unbeatable combination of warm, caring
attitudes and high-tech knowledge our patients

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